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What Makes uni POSCA Paint Pens So Good - Colourverse

What Makes uni POSCA Paint Pens So Good

From fine art to graffiti & everything in-between uni POSCA Paint Pens can be used. What makes this product so versatile, a must have creative tool, and such a success?


 POSCA Art on Sneakers

POSCA can be used on all surfaces, providing a tool that delivers permanent or temporary results for creative and or practical applications.

It can be ued on porous substrates permanently, without a real need for fixatives (Protective clear varnish) Porous surfaces include: Fabric, Cardboard, Wood, Pebbles and even some Plastics and Metals.

POSCA can be used in a temporary way on smooth surfaces such as Glass, PVC and metal surfaces. These too can be made more permanent with Fixing Spray.

You will find POSCA Art in many applications by hobbyists and Professionals alike from Tea Cups & Pebbles through to Shop Window Decorating & Fine art.

POSCA Paint Pens have a practical commercial application for identification purposes for example: Car windscreens are often marked with White POSCA Paint Pens to promote or tag the car for auction, hire or sale.




 POSCA Range

The POSCA Paint Range is extensive, spanning 8 Tips in 5 styles.

The range of tips ensures that you will have to right creative tool for the task required from the Ultra fine PC1MR through to the Versatile bullet tip in the PC5M and finishing at the XXL 15mm wide TIP in the PC17K

The Tip is made from either acrylic or plastic made for hardwearing.

The Ball

 POSCA PC3M Colours

The signature of sound of POSCA, ensuring consistent texture from the start to the end.

A ball is positioned within the marker to mix the ingredients when shaken vigorously.

Just give the pen a good shake and you will hear the sissifying rumble and click of the ball within doing its job

Colour Pallet

 POSCA PC17K Colours

There are currently 66 colours to choose from including 8 x Metallic, 6 x Fluorescent, and 8 x Glitter versions.

The standard range includes the basics like white, black blue red etc, but also some interesting colours like, coral pink, aqua green, slate grey, lilac to name a few

The Paint

 POSCA Art on book paper

The paint used in POSCA Pens consists of high quality water-based acrylic paint made in Japan. It is very opaque, dries fast and is blendable when wet.

The paint is non toxic and odourless, made without solvents or alcohol, making it a favourite for indoor use and by children.

Fun fact - Bee keepers use POSCA Pens to mark the Queen Bee in a hive to determine her age by the colour used.

 The Cap


The cap snap seals the marker and prevents the air from drying out the tip ensuring a long life for the pen.

The colour of the cap matches the paint and look great when displayed showing an explosion of colour


At the end of the day these opinions are from our's and POSCA's perspective. We are confident that you will appreciate these blatant and subtle features should you put them to use.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in using POSCA Paint pens. Simply drop us an email on info@colourverse.com.au or comment on our Facebook and Instagram pages