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POSCA in the Automobile Industry - Colourverse

POSCA in the Automobile Industry

POSCA Paint Pens are not exclusive to the creative arts. Other industries such as the automotive & panel repair industries find the use of this versatile paint pen very convenient.

POSCA Paint Pens are an excellent choice for Automobile Traders, Paint & Panel Repairers, Car Auction Houses, Car Hire companies and even, newlyweds, to display information and/or promotional adverts directly onto the vehicle’s windscreen and windows. 

In a recent interstate visit, I hired a car at my destination, only to find I had a rather large, hairy hitchhiker with 8 legs accompany for me the next 300kms over 48 hours. Legolas and I became great mates, however the time came for me to return the car and I could not take Legolas with me, so I informed the returns clerk of the giant spider. Immediately and with a level of panic this burley return clerk wrote desperately fast on my windscreen in giant letters - SPIDER!!! all the while uttering sounds I am used to hearing from my two year old daughter, not a 6ft 3 muscle machine.

Car Auction Houses are very familiar with POSCA Paint Pens as they use them extensively to identify and track key information directly on the windscreen of all their stock including salvage information, VIN Numbers, Codes, conditions etc. There is a lot of info to put down making these windscreens prime realestate.

Used car dealerships will use paint pens to display key buyer call outs such as the year, mileage, number of owners, sales and markdowns.

I have experienced the odd dent here and there and even some hail damage in my lifetime. I have seen the estimator at the paint and panel repair shop use paint pens to identify areas needed to repair to aid them in building his quotation.

POSCA Pens use a non toxic, acrylic water based formulation which adheres to the glass or paint of the car, is weather and fade resistant giving it the versatility of a permanent finish or it can be easily cleaned off by using water and a soft cloth.

POSCA Paint Pens are very popular in these industries thanks to its ability to deliver a crisp finish in a convenient, mess free, and odourless package.

With all this versatility in a pen, its little wonder that it has found a home in this very practical industry.