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POSCA Paint Pens on Glass - Colourverse

POSCA Paint Pens on Glass

There are many exciting uses for POSCA Paint Pens on all types of  surfaces and materials.

POSCA Paint Pens are ideal for temporary decoration and identification on glass, as they are water-based. 

In addition to everyday items such as jars and mirrors, POSCA Paint Pens can be used to decorate shop windows, as well as car windscreens.

POSCA paint cannot be absorbed into glass, so temporary decoration or information can be drawn or written directly onto the glass, and will be easily removed when needed with water and a cloth.

This makes POSCA Paint Pens ideal for shop fronts looking to use their glass windows or mirrors as interesting advertising space or features that catch their customer's attention.

Car dealerships, and Auction Houses find POSCA Paint Pens a perfect tool for identifying car details or pricing directly onto the windscreen to capture buyers attention or simply convey information quickly. The semi waterproof POSCA paint withstands rain, but can be removed when needed with water and window cleaner if needed.

Working on Glass with POSCA

When using POSCA Paint Pens on glass you should ensure that the surface is clean and dry.

Try and use your drawing strokes in lines to get the best effect on the glass. If you need to fill in large areas you may need to return and add a few coats or layers to produce a uniform result. (Please wait for the previous layer to be dry before adding a new coat).

If you make a mistake or want to change something then simply wiping away the unwanted paint with a damp cloth is all you need.

Making it Permanent (Fixing)

If you did want to preserve your work of art in a more permanent way, then using a fixing spray over your POSCA Art will provide a protective layer and prevent the removal of the paint from the glass (Not for food use).

  • Best practice is to apply 2 coats of water-based spray varnish over your Paint work.
  • Hold the spray can roughly 25-30cm from the surface and spray in slow, controlled side-to-side motions.
  • Rotate you art work or your strokes 90 degrees and repeat the side-to-side motion producing a cross effect.

Fixing spray can be in a Gloss or a Matt finish depending on what finish you are looking for.