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POSCA paint is “water-soluble”: it can be diluted to produce a gradient effect.
The operation takes place before drying: use a brush that has been soaked in water beforehand and work the paint directly on the material to get the effect you want.

 POSCA Paint Pens are water soluble


As long as the paint is wet, colours can be mixed on the work surface by blurring with the tip or a brush to create infinite gradations of colour. If the tip is stained, just clean it and re-prime the marker to restore the initial colour.

Artist using yellow Posca paint on surfboard to show how it can be blended


Dense and opaque, POSCA paint is ideal for layering!
Dark colours can be applied over light colours or light colours over dark. Thanks to its fast drying time, layering can be carried out with no smudges.

 Artist using Posca paint pens on surfboard showing how the paint can be layered



The “blowing” technique gives the gradient effect seen in street art, similar to the effect obtained with spray paints.

Just blow vigorously (but not too vigorously!) on the tip of the POSCA when it is filled with paint.
This technique works best with broad tips: PC-5M, PC-7M, PC-8K et PC-17K.  

POSCA Paint technique of blowing is possible