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Here at Colourverse we are committed to a sustainable business that is constantly searching for new ways to be more environmentally friendly.

We are all about nurturing creativity for all generations but none more so than the ones that follow us.

We practise this in every aspect of our business from sourcing to sending and everything in between. Some of these everyday activities are now just a part of our DNA so we sometimes take things for granted, when in fact they should be celebrated and shared to inspire others in our small way.


  • We hold a lot of stock locally in Australia for immediate dispatch. By holding a lot of POSCA stock and constantly adjusting our levels based on usage we only need to replenish a couple of times a month. This saves in the footprint left behind by unnecessary deliveries.


  • We use shelving that is extremely versatile in how it can be configured based on the need at the time. Having versatile storage means we do not need to continually discard and re-purchase storage solutions.


  • Gone are the days where everything needed a ‘paper trail’ Can you believe the entire business only uses about 1 pack of recycled paper for an entire year. The rest is done digitally.
  • POSCA paint pens are non toxic and water based. Fun fact, they are even used on the Queen Bee in hives. Each colour represents another year.
  • Whilst not refillable the markers have replaceable and alternative tips. If your tip is a bit worn you can simply remove it and re-insert it the other way around. If both sides are damaged, you can get a replacement tip. How cool is that? (Not on all Pens so please check)


  • This is where we at Colourverse are extremely motivated to get right. We take bulk supply and chop it in to many smaller pieces (Your orders) and send all over Australia. Some of the activities we do to reduce this impact:
  • You will notice that your goods will get delivered in 1 of 2 outers: Recycled and recyclable Cardboard or Compostable Bags. Both os these are great, however we absolutely love the compostable bags. They can be put in your worm bin and the worms will get rid of it... Even the label we use to address the pack is compostable 😃

So next time you receive a package from us in the mail, rest easy that we are doing all we can to ensure Mother Earth is our first priority and how we leave it for future artists

Compostable Shipping Bags

We don’t use plastic in our shipping bags.

We Use compatible bags from Hero Pack. Even the label is compostible 😃

If you have a worm bin, they will love your shipping bag 🪱