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The latest release from uni POSCA the PCM-22 MOP’R in White colour.

The POSCA PCM22 MOP’R is designed to cover large areas in a single stroke. Offering many exciting effects such as drip, splash, blown, blending of colours, plus more, limited only by our imagination.

The POSCA MOP’R uses a water based non toxic acrylic paint which is capable of being used on any surface.

  • The large reservoir is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.
  • The MOP’R can be held in different orientations controlling the flow.
  • No alcohol, solvents or resins means it is practically odourless making it a great tool for indoors and outdoor activities.
  • Non toxic means it is safe to use by all including young artists.
  • The water based ink is mixable and water soluble however can adhere to all surfaces and can be fixed using a sealing spray.
  • The large rubber foam MOP tip covers large areas quickly with a stroke width of 3mm - 19mm depending on the pressure applied to it.
  • The MOP’R can accomplish many techniques and styles including drip, splash, blown, perfect round dots, depth creation and mixing of colours.

Get you street art or large scale creative project a fresh look with the POSCA PCM22 MOP’R.