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Full set of 15 x uni POSCA PC7M Paint Markers.

Get every colour of this range in a convenient bundle packed with value

The POSCA PC7M is the latest paint pen from uni POSCA. It has a very handy Bullet Tip that is larger than the PC3M and PC5M. 

4.5 - 5.5mm BROAD Tip.

Latest addition to the POSCA range, the PC7M has a very handy broad bullet tip.

Colours included in this kit include:

 Black Green Brown
White Pink Bright Yellow
Blue Violet Grey
Light Blue Orange Light Orange
Red Light Green Yellow



The PC7M is appreciated by both amateurs and professionals for its broad bullet tip enabling both precise colouring and large-scale precision work. It is the natural compliment to the PC8K.


The PC-7M enables artists to paint and draw on any surface, indoors or outdoors (frescoes, large canvases, customisers to personalise their equipment (bikes, motorbikes, surfboards, skateboards‚ and both amateurs and professionals to decorate windows and displays.