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Pack of 24 x POSCA Paint Pens and Carry Case

The Pack of 24 x POSCA Paint Pens and Carry Case is an ideal kit for anyone who loves to create art on the go. The bundle includes a set of 16 assorted colours in PC3M and 8 metallic colours in PC5M, providing a broad range of colours to choose from.

The compact carry case is a practical and convenient solution for organizing and storing the paint pens. It is designed to keep the pens secure and in order, making them easily transportable. The case is made of durable material and has a zipper closure to ensure the pens are protected while on the move.

The POSCA paint pens are water-based, non-toxic, and have a valve-action system that ensures even paint flow. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, glass, plastic, and fabric. The pens are fade-resistant, waterproof when dry, and can be layered over one another without bleeding or smudging.

This bundle kit is perfect for artists who love to travel or create on the go. It also makes an excellent gift for a creative friend or family member. With its compact carry case and broad range of colors, this kit provides a convenient and practical solution for any art enthusiast.

Please note: Should we be missing the plastic sleeve in the image we will still send your order with loose pens in a reusable pencil case. That allows us to supply your order and avoid more plastic in landfill.